People of Third World Countries Live Longer Because of Their Testosterone Level

Boosting the testosterone of yours will boost your level of health back towards that of a young male. I’m not saying that testosterone will extend life – but I’m saying that maintaining your level of testosterone at a great level can prevent early death. What a lot of people don’t understand is the fact that folks of the western, industrialized world do die significantly younger than the individuals of third world countries. That is, the existing persons of India and Pakistan are much older than the old folks of western countries, and also it’s due to their testosterone level that this is true.
People of developing nations do increasingly manual labor, and physical exercise is a big concern for testosterone production – the more physical job you are doing the more hormones the body of yours will produce to deal with the job. Further, folks of developing countries consume a far more naturally developed food diet, and so the diets of these people are not tainted by the chemical substances, pesticides as well as growth hormones that big businesses in probably the west use to produce the fat and sugar enriched “stuff” they call food. As a result the reason the individuals of third world nations live longer are since they live far more active, natural and exercise-intense lives free of the man-made poisons which the fat, abundant western individuals have not much choice but to ingest.
And there is another reason why final world people live longer, and it’s their deep and steeped profile in traditional medicines and this is particularly true with keeping testosterone levels. Asian cultures have for hundreds of years utilized an assortment plants as well as tree roots to boost the body’s natural power to produce best testosterone cream (, and sometimes they will lightly boil the material for an hour to make a tea to be consumed the moment a day. Typically it’s the rich ladies who no longer have to work hard in the fields to survive that get fatter, and with the reduced exercise level the bodies of theirs have modified to not needing as much testosterone.