Nutritional Supplements & Cancer

I have been identified as having a rare cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. This’s a cancer which begins in soft tissue. This cancer is really rare that there is not much investigation on it of course, if clinically determined to have it someone should go to a sarcoma cancer specialist.

I knew I had to take care of my body while I was receiving the conventional treatments for cancer. I did quite a lot of research on dietary supplements and was fascinated by how many target cancer and the immune system. I started going for a product called Flaxseed Oil. I had four locations on the lung of mine and after a lot of CT Scans best creatine and protein combo (just click the up coming article) 7 months of taking the Flaxseed Oil all of the zits disappeared. The doctor of mine stated he was astonished and it was fantastic.

I additionally started taking a supplement called Liquid Oxygen. I position the oxygen drops in my water every single day and I never got sick from any of the chemo treatments of mine. The oxygen water has been found to help build up the immune system of yours and gets rid of all the toxins in your body. All of my lab work is continuously good. I believe this is mainly because that my immune system is highly oxygenated.

I really trust these supplements and they actually do increase your immune system as re-search says it will do. I would motivate anyone to take these health supplements whether you’ve cancer or not. Generally there must be a reason why the 4 places on my lung disappeared. I was not taking any type of treatments then and that is exactly why my doctors were so amazed.