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Meeting of the cats Eric, of course, happily accepted his charge, and that very night, went about busting and draining the big hunk’s extraordinarily hefty and virile baby makers. Each day would begin with Eric busting and milking a fresh load out of Jake’s massive sperm tanks, and at night, it was usually two or three more. Earlier that day, Jake had gone to his doctor for a regular visit, and during the regular course of the exam, his physician had noticed a swelling in Jake’s already normally monstrous nuts. Jake was terrified at the thought of losing them. But that thought was immediately followed by the realization that he’d never get the chance to find out, for he was certain that he would soon be losing his precious manhood, if not his very life. But not only did Jake’s big bruisers endure everything Eric could dish out, the huge stud actually got off on the pain.

The suddenness and boldness of Eric’s move, along with the intense pain and pleasure that began radiating from his balls, was just too much for Jake to protest. Eric began squeezing Jake’s balls and sucking his huge cock even harder as the first glob of chunky splooge hit the back of his throat. He felt Jake’s muscular body convulse slightly and the handsome stud clenched his teeth while his cock twitched to even greater life. Eric quickly became quite good at bursting the cream out of Jake’s extra-extra-large stud eggs, and he’d even devised a three-step combo that worked every time. It is definitely a good deal to subscribe to this mega site, especially when you have a fetish over cute amateur girls and sexy mature ladies alike. Put your right foot up mouse click on Nakedteenass Angus’ chest to give us a good look,” Deidre tells her young friend. The young generation might be looking for partners in order to maintain friendship, love, romance, or any other type of relationships. Though we refuse to use the ‘L’ word, more and more women are seeking women partners given their affinity to get along well with the same sex or any other reasons like disappoint with the male sex.

For all the access that he was given to Jake’s big, juicy nuts, by and large, his magnificent cock remained off limits. They are even given choices about the kind of sex they have and asked if they are ‘happy with the process’. Even in the dim light of the dorm room, there was no mistaking the sheer size of the beefy stud standing over Eric. Then Eric heard the sound again, the light rustle of movement in his college roommate’s bed as big Jake stirred in his sleep. Then he took a deep breath as he watched Jake collapse and let out a groan as he enjoyed the after-effect of his post orgasmic bliss. Then after slowly bring him up to speed. Eric tugged on Jake’s distended ball cords and pulled him onto his bed. Jake happily agreed as he jumped to his feet and leapt in front of Eric’s bed.

His already phenomenal pain tolerance seemed to be increasing over time, allowing him to stay on his feet for longer and longer periods of time while Eric steadily pounded his huge balls into submission. Eric considered drawing things out and teasing Jake for a while longer, but the truth was that it was late and he was tired. Jake moaned loudly now, bucking his hips wildly as his dick pumped such a torrent of jizz inside Eric’s mouth that it caused his cheeks to puff out. Samson moaned from the pain. Eric took it all, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Jake’s thick and gamey spunk, and continued to squeeze Jake’s freshly-juiced nuts throughout his massive orgasm, extracting every last drop of cream until they ached with a knee-buckling pain. With his other hand, he pinched the soft flesh just below the head of Jake’s throbbing penis – the combination of which sent Jake’s head spinning. Jake grunted from the sudden rough treatment, and his eyes opened wide just as Eric bent down and swallowed almost the entire length of the stud’s huge and awesomely thick penis. Samson’s naked teen ass balls caused his own penis to stiffen.