Detoxify The Body of yours – Understanding Various methods Of Detoxification

As indicated by research done, an adult who hasn’t gone through any detoxification before will have about 4 kg or more slimy toxin in the body. with the state-of-art technologies available to us nowadays, we are also facing with more toxic sources. For example, the exhaust gas from vehicles, food with additives, cosmetics, in addition to construction materials for our home furniture and building.
Women, from born to death, are going by metabolism, replenishing nutrients, discharging waste daily. Due to a number of different reasons, some of the waste which doesn’t get discharged away will continue to be in body forming toxin. It’s crucial that you know various methods for detoxification.

More exercise and much more sweat

More exercise plus more sweat
Do appropriate and regular exercises to inspire perspiration, which not only promotes blood circulation, but also improves body function to undergo detoxification naturally.

Healthy lifestyle

Good lifestyle
Don’t smoke, lessen alcohol consumption, and take in much more water. Dedicate yourself to consume a full glass of warm salt water with empty stomach every morning, which helps to stimulate colon movement to discharge away toxin via bowel movement.

Purposely coughing

Intentionally coughing
Every morning and prior to going to bed, go outdoor with good air circulation to do breathing exercise. Raise both shoulders when inhaling, then cough intentionally with drastic drop down of shoulders, letting air out from month, nose and spit out sputum. Repeat ten times with regular breath between each trial. This helps cleaning lungs and minimize the toxin accumulation in lungs.


Good attitude

Constant bowel movement

Lymphatic drainage

Essential oils for aromatherapy

Dry swipe

Feet knead

Abdomen rubbing

Blood purifying

Cold water bath and thc detox shampoo amazon steam

Hydrotherapy SPA


Colon cleansing

Ear candling

Hot stone therapy treatment

Fasting detoxification

Detoxification diet program