Could the Police Arrest Me If I am Traveling in a vehicle That Contains Marijuana?

As a criminal law attorney in Fort Lauderdale, I’ve a lot of friends which ask me, “Can the police arrest me if I am riding in a vehicle that contains marijuana?” Although you shouldn’t ever ride in a car or truck that consists of marijuana, you can lower your odds of being arrested by grasping the significance of the legitimate idea “constructive possession.” The fourth D.C.A. of Florida recently wrote an excellent evaluation on constructive possession of Brinkley v. State, twelve So.3d 311 (Fla. 4th D.C.A., 2009).
To be convicted under Florida Statute 893.13 (Possession of a Controlled Substance), the State must demonstrate beyond a reasonable question that you possessed and also had knowledge of the marijuana. To have means to have private cost of or maybe exercising the right of ownership, management, and control with the point possessed. Possession might be constructive or actual. Actual possession is a concept – in your hand, in a planting container within your hand, on your individual, or within prepared reach and in your control. In case an individual has limited possession of a controlled substance, knowledge is inferred. Problems of constructive possession are more complicated, however.
to be able to build constructive possession of marijuana, the State should demonstrate that you had (one) dominion as well as command over the marijuana, (2) knowledge that the marijuana was inside the existence of yours, and (three) familiarity with the illicit nature of the marijuana. The most common issue in contention is whether you had dominion as well as control over the marijuana. Whenever the automobile where the marijuana is found is in joint (no pun intended), rather compared to your exclusive possession (i.e. you’re the passenger in a vehicle), awareness of the presence of the controlled substance in the vehicle and your ability to keep control over the controlled substance won’t be inferred.
In laymen’s terms, if you had been foolish enough being found using in an automobile when a bag of marijuana was positioned in plain view of the middle console, the State would still need to demonstrate that you’d “control” over the marijuana, moreover not merely “knowledge” of the marijuana. Although not particularly defined, control will be the capability to take, use, own, (or maybe smoke) the marijuana without receiving permission from somebody different. Simple proximity to the marijuana isn’t adequate to establish control whenever the marijuana is not in your exclusive control. Possession could be joint (two or a lot more people may exercise command of the cannabis) but mainly if both individuals have control over the marijuana.
To prove dominion and influence, the authorities will have to look at you possessing, concealing, or perhaps inhaling the marijuana or in case you are making any incriminating statements admitting ownership of the marijuana. Notwithstanding the aforementioned factors, the police cannot impute the ownership of the marijuana to you just since you’re in a car that contains marijuana. Thus, never make any incriminating statements to the police with respect to ownership of the marijuana. No matter what the police guarantee you (i.e. we won’t arrest you in case you admit ownership), do not admit ownership of the marijuana. Furthermore, try to remain calm – do not make some quick or furtive actions that could lead the police that you are stressed or maybe trying to conceal the marijuana. Additionally, do not smoke the marijuana in the car. It is oftentimes hard to deny ownership if you and the car reek of marijuana.
On an aside, in the event you still decide to drive in an automobile that contains marijuana, be sure the marijuana is hidden (outside of basic view), ideally in the trunk or even locked compartment. At a minimum, do not depart the marijuana in plain view in the middle console or perhaps ashtray. Additionally, don’t continue any paraphernalia (pipe, rolling papers, etc.) on your person.
Last but not least, although the police should not stop you best cbd gummies for kids [mouse click the next webpage] possession of a controlled substance if they can’t show actual or constructive possession, it does not mean that the authorities will not arrest you anyways. The police routinely arrest vehicle loads of college pupils where marijuana is situated within a vehicle, no matter if they cannot pinpoint who exhibited control and dominion. At that time, it’s important to contact an event criminal defense attorney to analyze the particular facts of your case and file the correct Motions. Possession of even 1 g of marijuana is punishable by as much as 1 year in jail or 12 months probation and a possible 2 season driver’s license suspension. Do not plea through the case of yours without speaking to a seasoned criminal defense attorney.
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