A Tale Of Camp Carroll-The DMZ-Vietnam

Deidre grins, trying to put a brave face on things. As Alex moved to put his dirty jersey and pants in the laundry bin, his entire jock-strap-encased package bounced heavily, speaking to the incredible mass of what lay within. Off came the jersey and shoulder pad to reveal his awesome upper body, and off came the cleats and pants to reveal his gargantuan legs and muscular ass. So far, though several fans had tried, no one had yet managed to capture a photo of Alex naked teen ass, so the debate in the chat rooms continued over whether the massive bulge in the front of Alex’s pants was real. I have been in touch with the National Liberation Front Forces and they have promised to treat my men well. The jack-o-lantern looked evil, and seemed to have a look of hunger on its odd, malevolent face. Carved around the perimeter of the pumpkin were a number of holes, not the typical jack-o-lantern carvings one usually sees at Halloween, but round holes about 2 inches wide.

Alex’s cock looked like a third leg hanging heavily between his legs; though his cock was completely soft, it measured over 9.5 inches in length, larger than most men’s hard dicks. Though they called him Lucky, none of the guys would reveal to the other classmates what the name meant, for the football players were all secretly in awe of Alex and his monster cock. As was his custom, Alex waited until all the other guys were finished before striping off his own clothes. Sarah was gathering Mike’s clothes as he was now standing there in his boxers. The stranger now stood before Alex, and Alex couldn’t help but notice the menacing smile on the man’s lips. Everything I’ve read online until now has always been the perspective of the poor oppressed trans-dude, and never his wife or children. He had dark auburn hair worn short, and hazel eyes, and he might have been considered handsome if not for the cruel expression on his face. She appeared to be in her late 50’s or early 60’s, with short grey hair.

They were all manacled to individual X frames, which also appeared to be on treads that allowed the frames to move forward and back from the center of the stage. Alex quickly realized he was not alone, for ringing the outside of the stage were the 12 other abductees, all naked teen ass like he was, with their ample cocks and balls hanging loose and free. The object was so huge that at first Alex couldn’t tell what it was, but he quickly realized that it was a pumpkin. Part of that shyness stemmed from his naturally shy personality, but part of it also stemmed from the fact that Alex was embarrassed by the size of his sexual endowment. Alex absently fondled his gargantuan package, unaware at the effect the sight of his mammoth endowment would have on someone walking in, and headed off to the showers. It is difficult to describe an endowment as truly massive as Alex’s with normal terminology, as the sheer size of Alex’s cock and balls almost defied description. His old high school football friends would have no doubt been even more speechless had they had the opportunity to see Alex’s humongous horse cock today! Early evening, October 30th. Just one more day before Halloween.

“For a week, more like,” Samson says. ” came the deep and silky voice again, only this time at a normal decibel level, and not amplified by any speakers. ” the stranger said. To Alex’s horror, the stranger reached down and gripped Alex’s humongous, low-hanging balls, hefting the massive bull nuts in his hand and giving them a few short tugs. Thus, Alex was unaware that a stranger was standing behind him with a dart gun aimed at his almost impossibly broad back. He peeked his head around the corner, and there before his eyes was Alex in all his glory. Alex looked about the room, and quickly located his friends Matt and Lou, both of whom showed fear in their eyes. Though he was friends with all of his teammates, and didn’t mind that some of them were attracted to him, Alex was shy when it came to getting naked teen ass. Alex had finished football practice for the day, and was getting ready to take a shower before going home. He kept trying to block the kicks to his delicate swinging knackers, but she kept circling him and getting him just when he thought she’d finished.